The Lone Women is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique, powerful, savage and sarcastic women. All the women are randomly generated. The idea behind this collection is to celebrate the success of women around the globe who have achieved a lot by themselves.

Lone Women can be defined as:

  • Self motivated
  • A woman who knows her value
  • Fighting for what is right
  • Creative and original thinker
  • Not prepared to compromise her values

The female artist behind this collection is working tirelessly to achieve her goals single-handedly.

Whilst working on this collection she contracted COVID 19, and it is the reason we decided that 1 of the 10,000 NFTs will be rare with COVID trait.

Furthermore, there will be 12 super-rare women in the collection to represent each of the different signs of the Zodiac.

Sneak Peek

Art by woman


We are commited to our community and providing our members more value of arts and real-life utilities.

Project launch

Create social media accounts and community. Launch 10k collection in 2 parts, pre-sale and public sale. Reveal entire collection in 48-72 hours after sell out.

Buy back, giveaway and donation

We'll buy back few NFTs from opensea and giveaway to random holders.

Introduce 1 to 5 ETH giveaway program for random holders.

Donate some amount from funds to a charity, organization who works toward women education and self-awareness. Organization will be decide by community.

Future drop

After few days we'll drop men collection, you can then combine both the collections and make a family in metaverse. We're planning to drop major collection which contains 1 to 1 home/castle for the family to live in metaverse.

Events, Voting and Staking

We'll host a global event for holders to create strong community.

Every holder will get a chance to vote for events, future drop and several utilities.

Holders will get passive earning by staking their NFTs.

Collabs and Merchandise

As we grow, we'll do collaboration with brands in the area of music, fashion, retail, metaverse etc. We'll approach major celebrities to join our community. Partnership with other NFT projects.

Exclusive Lone Women merchandise, which will help you to get your own NFTs on t-shirt, mobile cover, cap etc.


The Lone Women is nft collection of randomly generated powerful, fiercely, savage, sarcastic women. Total supply is limited to 10k.

Project will host on Ethereum blockchain. We're using ERC-721a, which is low gas smart contract for NFTs. Please read more about the ERC-721a here.

Mint price will be 0.019 ETH per NFT. To stay updated for mint date please join us here.

Yes, we're on twitter and instagram. Please use following offical links only to join.

Twitter :

Instagram :

Discord :

Yes, we want to reward our early supporters by giving a whitelist spot for minting. Please read whitelist requirement in our discord server under #whitelist-requirement channel.


The Lone Wolf

"Be your own hero"

The artist, studied information technology, project manager by profession and a foodie.

I strongly believe that Crypto and NFT are here for long run. The reason behind this creation is to attract more and more people into NFT and Web3 world.

I love to dance in spare time which helps me to relax.
Mighty Virgo

"Quotes won't work, unless you do"

Studied computer science, passionate programmer. CEO of software startup.
I heard about crypto in 2018 for the first time and got a chance to invest, since then I'm passionately following crypto space.

It inspired me to learn solidity few years back and worked on many NFT projects.

Love to play chess.